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Schedule of Shows and Archives

March 17th • Joseph Smith, DC • Food Sensitivities: Do they Matter? (LISTEN NOW)

March 10th • Dave Asprey • Bulletproof Your Life • (LISTEN NOW)

March 3rd • Steven Sinatra, MD, Tommy Rosa • Heaven and Health on Earth (LISTEN NOW) • (Episode Summary)

Feb 24th • Devra Davis, PhD • Cell Phone Toxicity (LISTEN NOW) • (Episode Summary)

Feb 17th • Tom O’bryan DC • Gluten Fueling the Fire (LISTEN NOW) • (Episode Summary)

Feb 10th • Raymond Francis • Aging is a Mistake (LISTEN NOW) • (Episode Summary)

Feb 3 • Andrew Campbell, MD • Toxins (LISTEN NOW) • (Episode Summary)

Jan 27 • Filomena Trindade, MD • Diabesity (LISTEN NOW) • (Episode Summary)

Jan 20 • David Perlmutter, MD • Brain Health (LISTEN NOW) (Episode Summary)
Jan 13 • Mark Houston, MD • Heart Health (LISTEN NOW) (Episode Summary)